These are just a few nearby destinations from Daia that I'll be happy to show you.

Sighisoara / Schassburg (at 80 km)

Here was born Vlad Tepes, the bloodthirsty voivode, which inspired Bram Stoker in 1897 the legendary figure of Count Dracula. This prince was beheaded by the Turks. Sighisoara, a former Roman castrum, was created by the Flamish - Saxons in 1450.Ils Schassburg made of a prosperous merchant city on a promontory protected by an enclosure provided with sixteen towers. As in each of the Transylvanian cities, each corporation insured part of the defenses. Said Vlad Tepes the Impaler was a Wallachian voivode fifteenth century. His reputation earned him the nickname of Dracul, meaning "dragon" and "devil" in Romanian old. The notion of vampirism comes from the bottom of ages and central European narratives, such as the Hungarian Countess Bathory (1506-1614) who drank the blood of young women she wanted to keep eternal youth.

What's Near Sighisoara:

The fortified church Biertan was built in 1468. In hall type, very good example of Saxon citadel. The door of the sacristy, carved in 1515 has an impressive closing system in nineteen points.


SIBIU (at 10 km)

The Romans built this Eminence Cibinum castrum to protect the parade of Olt. Saxon colonists and Moselle, called by the Hungarians to populate the Transylvanian marches, founded there in the twelfth century Hermannstadt. The Pharmacy Museum Piata Mica 26. Open from 10am to 18pm. Closed on Mondays. It is set in a house with Gothic and Renaissance elements, already a pharmacy at the sign of the Ursul Negru (The Black Bear) in 1600 and has remained a pharmacy until 1970. The most building high of the city is the evangelical church in the Gothic style (XIV - XV centuries). Bruckenthal The History Museum at the end of strada Mitropoliei near Piata Grivita. Open from 9 am to 16:30. Closed on Mondays. The old town hall (from 1545 to 1948) was built in the late fifteenth century by the Italian architect Andreas Lapicida Thomas Altemberger. In this beautiful late Gothic style, built around a courtyard impressive collections by their variety as much as by their quantity. There where all objects from all eras: the amphorae Jaquemarts clocks through a dedicated room for firefighters (the neighbor to protect, to fight the fire!).

What's Near Sibiu

Muzeul Astra: the museum traditional folk civilization. It is the largest open air museum in Romania (96 ha), located in a shaded and hilly park, dotted with lakes. The Fagaras mountains: there is including the highest peak of Romania, the Moldoveanu, which culminates at 2544m. From Bilea lake and after a rest in the cabana of the same name, you can do raids 3 to 7 days. This micro-region, located west of Sibiu at the foot of the Cibin Mountains (hence its name which means " Sibiu edge "), retained a vivid individuality. Since ancient times, its population of shepherds built large tree houses high shingle roofs, working leather and spins wool.


Viscri / Wiesskirch (at 100 km)

Before the arrival of settlers Luxembourg in the second half of the twelfth century, the site was occupied by Sicilians, Magyar people guarding the borders East of the Kingdom of Hungary. There are ancient cellars abandoned by families gather parts the Western dream. Each family had its storeroom and bore his bacon in the tower reserved for salting.


Excursions around Flanderhof

Sibiu / Hermannstadt c. 12km from Daia / Thalheim:
Old town - Museum Brukenthal - Museum of History - Apothecary Museum - Lutheran Cathedral - Orthodox Cathedral

Around Sibiu:
Astra Museum of Tradional Folk Civilisation - Cisnadioara / Michelsberg - Cisnadie / Heltau - Avrig / Freck - Sacadate - Nucet - Cornatel / Kastenholz - Daia / Thalhim

"Kirchenbürgen" Hartibaciu valley c. 170km:
Daia / Thalheim - Rosia / Rothberg - Cornatel / Kastenholz - Nucet - Sacadate - Avrig / Freck - Curta / Kerz - Sambata de Jos (Lippizaner) - Voila - Cincu / Grossschenk - Mergindeal / Mergenthal-Dealu Frumos / Schönberg - Agnita / Agnetheln -Bârghis / Burgisch - Altâna / Alzen - Nocrich / Lesskirch - Hosman / Holzmengen - Daia / Thalheim

Mediash - Biertan - Malencrav - Schassburg c. 180km:
Daia / Thalheim - Sibiu ring - Seica Mica / Klein Schelken - Medias / Mediash - Biertan / Birthalm - Malencrav / Malmkrog - Sighisoara / Schässburg - Apold / Trappold - Agnita / Agnetheln - Daia / Thalheim




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